Having been a poster on a few Football Manager forums over the years, I wanted to give my own site a go! So here we are, the first post on my new blog site. On here I will be providing updates on my own saves throughout FM17 and beyond, but I will also air my own thoughts about current events in the real life beautiful game too.

Around 18 years ago, I first picked up my first ever football management game – Championship Manager 3. Oh – how I loved that game. From starting off in the riches of the Premier League, to venturing down to the Third Division, I played that game to within an inch of it’s life.

Where it all began… those Mitre footballs didn’t half hurt!


Throughout the next 18 years, I’ve collected and played nearly every single Championship Manager and Football Manager released by the lovely people at Sports Interactive, and each one has captivated me as CM3 did. I can remember my FM madness starting off early – the memory of sitting at our old Compaq desktop computer, talking to my team on the tactics screen as if this was going to have an affect on their performance is well imprinted on my mind. Although I’ve yet to don a suit for an FA Cup final (which has it’s own Facebook page), the Football Manager series has definitely entered my day to day life, including me planning my squads and tactics out for the season whilst at work!

A few years ago, I learned of various forums where addicts like myself could post about our exploits in virtual football. I felt a sense of release – almost as if I was at a help group for people suffering from the same contagious disease caught at a young age. Writing and discussing about everyone’s saves was very enjoyable, and even participating in some group saves and tournaments really opened the whole game up even more to me.

Which leads me to here;  I’ve decided to strike out on my own. Whether this succeeds or fails is irrelevant to me – I just wanted to try out something different and everyone has to start somewhere! I will try to be consistent as best as I can and update regularly. I’ve a few ideas lined up for some saves for what remains of FM17, so let’s see how far we can take this blog.